What We Do

Health and Dental Care

Patients who receive  health and dental care also receive essential pharmaceuticals and medical supplies like analgesics, antibiotics, antifungal, vitamins, deworming medicines, nebulizers, aerosol pumps for asthmatics, reading glasses for the elderly, etc.  We provide wound care supplies for nearby villages, schools and volunteer firemen, to name a few.  Any medicines left are distributed to places that will later provide services to the needy, for example the local village clinic.


Our onsite pharmacy gives each patient their prescribed medicines with usage information. Additionally, we offer essential pharmaceuticals and medical supplies like analgesics, antibiotics, antifungals and vitamins. After vision testing, we offer reading glasses to those who need them. Each year we have distributed numerous glucose and blood pressure monitors plus nebulizers aerosol pumps for asthmatics. Additionally we donate first aid and wound care supplies to the local clinic, schools, volunteer fire department and nearby villages.

Patient Education

It is our hope that through teaching children and mother’s basic hygiene and preventive medicine there will be a ripple effect and the community will be healthier both physically and mentally. We have donated hundreds of digital thermometers and taught mothers their proper use. We have prepared first aid kits, distributed them to families and taught the use of antiseptic/antibiotic gels and dressings. In collaboration with Colgate, we have trained children on proper tooth brushing, flossing and washing hands. They are asked to relay these lessons to family members, thereby becoming teachers themselves and helping their community. Families have obtained from us bleach and instructions for purifying water. Our educational presentations stress faith to give hope and empowerment to persons that otherwise would feel marginalized.